Tarun Anand

Tarun is the co founder of TPF Technologies. He has been an avid technology enthusiast for the last 20 years and leads TPF Technologies from technology strategy and execution point of view.
Tarun worked for Microsoft Corporation, Redmond and Microsoft India from 1995-2004. During his tenure at Redmond, he was on the design and development teams of several products like Windows NT, and 2000, DCOM, COM+, and most recently the .NET Common Language Runtime.

Tarun has several US patents in the field of Distributed Computing Systems. At Microsoft India, Tarun was closely involved with evangelizing Microsoft technologies to start-ups and product/solution software vendors. He was awarded the “Worldwide Software Architect of the Year, 2003″ award for his work at Microsoft.
Tarun completed his Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur in India, and Masters degree in Computer Science from University of Texas at Austin in the USA.
When not working, Tarun can be found researching and inventingsoftware technologies!

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